Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination

California law makes it illegal for employers to treat you differently because of your sexual orientationgender identity or status in a same-sex marriage. Members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community cannot be terminated, demoted, harassed or treated unfairly because of their protected status, whether actual or perceived.

Sexual Orientation Harassment

It is also illegal for your boss or employer to harass you because you are lesbian, gay, transgender, or because of your gender identity.

Targeted after coming out at work?

With social opinion evolving toward acceptance more LGBTQ+ employees and students have gained the courage to live their authentic life. As a result, more employees who were previously “closeted” have experienced discrimination after revealing their sexual orientation to co-workers and supervisors. It is not unusual for us to receive calls from an employee who worked for a company for several years without any performance issues only to be terminated shortly after a boss finds out the employee is gay. This is merely one example of a potential sexual orientation discrimination claim.

Other examples of discrimination based on LGBTQ+ status include:

  • Being treated less favorably than straight co-workers
  • Derogatory, degrading or insulting comments about your sexual orientation or gender identity and/or expression
  • Refusing to hire or promote you because of your LGBTQ+ status
  • Your same-sex partner or spouse is denied benefits, including fringe benefits such as work trips
  • Denying a transgender employee the use of a preferred-gender restroom
  • Treating an employee differently after discovering his/her sexual orientation

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