“Attorneys aren’t easy to select. Kimberly stands out among others for attention to every detail, exemplary communication skills, a willingness to deal with the full scope of a case and a thorough knowledge of the law and legal processes. Kimberly’s ability to determine and analyze specific areas, then, is one not to be overlooked.

Kimberly Ahrens reviewed and organized many file boxes of letters, emails, reports, regulations, policies and an extensive list of my complaints in a recent employment suit. Her thoroughness and partnership with me laid a very solid foundation for a case that later was settled in my favor. She addressed my concerns and communicated with the opposition in a highly effective and professional manner.

I acknowledge Ms. Ahrens for her incredible dedication and recommend her without any hesitation.”

Linda Woodbury, San Diego, California

“Kimberly was very helpful in advising me regarding a fraud I discovered in the course of my work. She informed me of the legal protections for whistle blowers and advised me how to go about reporting it.

Her advice reassured me and helped me to make my report in a way that was well-documented, and protected me and my company. The party who had committed the fraud was dismissed and I was able to carry on my work in an ethical and professional manner.”

Confidential Employee, San Diego, California

“I am extremely happy with the services that Kimberly Ahrens provided to me when I was in need of an attorney. She educated me about my rights and how everything should be handled. I found her to be very knowledgeable in her field with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness that I needed for my case. She was kind and caring when listening to my concerns and I felt that she had the best interest at heart when providing the worst scenario and the best.

She is very responsive in regards to phone calls and emails and made everything very easy and smooth. Most of all I valued her calmness and professionalism and was completely satisfied with my results. She is an excellent attorney and I recommend her to anyone who needs legal services. Thank you for all your help!”

Confidential Employee, San Diego, California

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