Kimberly Ahrens founded Ahrens Law APC to increase the access to justice for employees who have been exploited by their employers. Over the years, Kimberly has fought for the rights of employees by holding employers accountable for engaging in unlawful conduct.

She represents employees with a wide variety of employment law claims including sexual harassment, whistleblower, discrimination, wage and hour, wrongful termination and contract disputes.

“Employment law is a very unique area of law because it is constantly evolving and every case is truly different. That is why it is important to me to offer personalized representation tailored to each client’s specific facts.”

Beyond employment law, Kimberly represents plaintiffs in various types of civil lawsuits to recover damages for sexual assault, personal injury, breach of contract and civil rights violations.

Recently the San Diego County Bar Association recognized Kimberly’s dedication to promoting equality by selecting her for its 2015 Service to Diversity Award.

“This award is especially meaningful because it recognizes my commitment to fighting for equality in their workplaces and schools,” Kimberly notes. “As attorneys we have the ability to use our knowledge of the legal system coupled with our skills to protect the rights of two of the most vulnerable groups – employees and children.”

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